Detail Services

Carpet Cleaning and Drying
Magic Touch uses high quality steam cleaning for your auto carpet and spot cleans with specialized products to remove mud, grease or even red drink stains. If the carpets cannot be returned to their original beauty, then Magic Touch can provide cost-effective options such as re-dyeing the carpets or replacement.
Interior Super Clean
All interior plastic and vinyl is thoroughly cleaned and dressed. Air vents, crevices ad hard-to-clean areas are dust brushed and cleaned with compressed air. Interior receives a comprehensive vacuuming throughout, including hard-to-reach areas under, around and between seats using special crevice tools.
Interior and Exterior Detailing
Proper detailing of a vehicle takes the right equipment and a great deal of time. There is no shortcut to performing a good detailing job and you should allow for your vehicle to be dropped off.
IN: Shampoo seats, carpets, mats
Detail and dress door and side panels, dash and consoles
OUT: Hand wash, Hand wax, Polish and Seal.
Optional: High speed buffing
Hand wax, Polish and Seal.
Approximately 3-6 hours
Sedans, Small SUV and Trucks: $100 - $175
Large SUV, Large Trucks, Vans $120 -$225
*Hand wax is not the same as High speed buffing: Hand waxing applies a good coat of wax on the vehicle, but WILL NOT remove any oxidation ask our advisor for more details.
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
Leather can become dark and grimy from a combination of everyday dirt and layers of conditioner such as Armor All sealing it in. There becomes a point when you have no idea how to clean your leather without removing or damaging the color. Magic Touch has a safe way to restoring your leather back to a like new condition.
Engine Cleaning
Remove excess debris trapped in hood, grille and vent openings with compressed air.