Repair Services


Bumper Repair and Paint
If you have what we consider minor bumper damage, then we can repair and paint your bumper directly on the vehicle saving you time and money. If it is deemed necessary to remove the bumper for it to be repaired, Magic Touch is considerably less than your mainstream body shops.
Paintless Dent Repair
Remove auto dents and dings without disturbing or damaging the paint. No sanding or repainting required. Your factory finish is preserved and you save money. We also fix hail and will work with your insurance company to ensure the best fix for your car.
Sprayless Scratch Repair
In most cases Magic Touch can use it's patented and proprietary Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR). This unique repair process virtually erases scratches on any auto finish and only takes minutes to provide a permanent result that is guaranteed for 4 full years. In addition, SSR offers the ultimate convenience of coming to you wherever you car is located*.
Windshield Repair and Replacement
No matter if you have a small chip or a large crack, Magic Touch has the repair process that is right for the job. Replacement is also an option when the windshield is beyond repair. Magic Touch will work with your insurance company to be sure you are covered and most repairs can be done while you wait.
Cloth Repair
Ripped seats? Torn door panels? Headliner falling down? Magic Touch can repair or replace damaged cloth — in most cases back to it's original condition. In instances where we cannot match the fabric, Magic Touch will give you the best estimate possible for replacement.
Leather and Vinyl Repair
Scratches, burns, small rips and tears can be repaired and virtually undetectable for a fraction of the cost over leather or vinyl panel replacement. Once the repair is finished then the area is dyed to match the surrounding area.
Alloy Wheel Repair
Wheel Refinishing: Wheels scraped, gouged, scratched or in need of a new look? Our patented refinishing process can restore them to look like NEW.
Wheel Straightening: Bent or out of round wheels cause vibrations that can damage your vehicle's steering, suspension system and tires. We have the solution.
Wheel Remanufacturing:  Wheels too damaged or too worn to be repaired on-site can be repaired at our state of the are manufacturing shops or we can replace them from our vast stockpile of wheels.
Simulated Chrome Coating and Custom Colors:  We have an exciting new alternative chrome finish or we can paint your wheels to match your car.
Full Collision Repair
The practice of fixing damaged car structures. Auto body technicians use special tools and equipment to repair body parts and refinish interiors, exteriors and spoiled metal frames of vehicles.  Before doing comprehensive repair, auto body technicians take the specific brand of car they are going to repair into consideration. If damage is quite small, they may recommend micro repair. More severe damage will require more heavy-duty equipment. If body pieces are badly damaged, auto body technicians may remove portions of the auto by using appropriate tools. Parts are then added, welded into place to replace the damaged portion. The vehicle will then be prepped and repainted to be restored to its original condition.  
Frame Damage Repair
Techs aligns and/or replaces damaged frames utilizing frame straightening and repairing equipment as required.