Restoration Services

Leather Dying
Magic Touch can re-dye your seats, consoles, arm rests and even your dash and custom match the existing colors of your interior.
Head Light Lens Restoration
Plastic head lamp lenses can haze over from the effects of sunlight, pollution, car wash chemicals and road grit, blocking light output and reducing nighttime driving visibility. Magic Touch provides complete headlight restoration that can be completed while you wait.
Environmental, Overspray or Road Hazard Paint Removal and Repair
Highway Road Paint splatter Removal: The yellow or white splatter from freshly painted highways or roads. Please note: The longer you leave it on your car surface, the more costly it is to fix it. There is a reason it doesn't come of the concrete.
Industrial Fallout or Air Pollution:  This is most widely seen as dark specks on light colored vehicles, or gray specks on dark colors. It is frequently found on cars parked near factories, airports, or in large industrial cities.
Rail Dust: The most uncommon, fine metal shavings are released into the air as metal train wheels grid over metal rails. This contamination is easy to spot. Look for rust colored specks on light vehicles.
Sap: Tough to remove, especially when it has been left to dry for any length of time. As sap hardens, it turns dark and adheres even more strongly to whatever surface it has dripped on. Removing tree sap is especially important for cars, as it can corrode the paint or chip it off when the dried sap is removed. Dirt and grime also adhere to sap, causing further damage to a vehicle's finish.
Overspray: Paint overspray can be a nightmare to remove if not treated quickly. Overspray from painters working outside on structures such as buildings, apartments, or water towers can travel up to a mile before it dries. This can land on every square inch of the surface of your car making the removal difficult and time consuming. Magic Touch's more than 20 years of experience provides cost-effective restoration of your automotive finish.
Decals and Pinstripes
Magic Touch's professional painters can assist you with whatever decals or pinstripe work you require. Painted or vinyl, we will custom match the previous stripe on your repaired panels. Looking for something new? Our skilled craftsmen can either work with your ideas or help you create something unique based on their experience. In most cases we will require your car be left with us while the work is completed.
Custom Restoration
This is the process of repairing the degraded aspect of an automobile to return it to an overall "authentic" condition. Restorations should be historically accurate as a representative example of the production model.[1] For example, the guidelines of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) are to "evaluate an antique vehicle, which has been restored to the same state as the dealer could have prepared the vehicle for delivery to the customer. Some owners make changes or add modern upgrades during the restoration of their cars that may reduce or enhance the value of the vehicle. In the U.S. a non-original restored car may be termed a "restored."