“We have a 2006 dark blue metallic Lexus that had been keyed five years ago.  We have lived with the scratch because we didn’t want to spend $2,000+ to have it fixed at a body shop.  We heard about Sprayless Scratch Repair and my husband and I agreed that we’d give it a try if it was less than $1,000. I was amazed at the cost and the quality.  After the Sprayless Scratch Repair tech finished the car looked brand new.  I couldn’t find the scratch.  I was even more surprised when I learned the repair was only $150.  I’ll be bringing back our second car to have its scratches and chips repaired."
A.R., Irving, Texas
“We are very particular about our cars and we had just bought a used Dodge Magnum that was in absolutely pristine condition, except for a few scratches and chips.  We were shocked at how good the car looked once the Sprayless Scratch Repair technician finished with it.  We were also very happy to see that it was environmentally friendly since it is sprayless.   We had several scratches repaired and the cost would have been worth it just for one of them.  We’ll definitely be brigning in our other car. ”
D.S., Garland, TX
“I just bought a ’09 BMW M3. Really beautiful car except it had some scratches that detracted from its appearance.  I didn’t want to send it to a body shop because that would take too much time and money. I found out about SSR on the internet and decided to give it a shot. The results are beyond my expectations. I am kinda speechless it looks so good. I definitely made the right decision having these problems fixed with SSR rather than going to a body shop.”
T.W., Carrollton, TX
“I am trading in my Nissan Pathfinder and wanted to fix some scratches so it would look better.  I found Sprayless Scratch Repair on the internet and thought I would give them a chance.  The results are above and beyond what I expected.  One deep scratch looks a lot better.  The entire car looks great.  I spent $139 and probably added $1,000 in resale value.”
P.D., Dallas, TX